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This page tells you how to write a short one line entry in the ->People-> A to Z pages. You can link this short entry to a longer page dedicated to you on the wiki.

It assumes you are completely new to the MRATHS wiki and you have not used a wiki before.

The one line biography is in the public domain and can be edited without login.

The one page biography will require you to login. If you do not have a login please request one via email membership.

General Information on using the wiki can be found at [1]

One line

1. From the Home page navigate to A - Z pages (->People-> A to Z) and select the letter which is the first letter of your surname.

2. Click on the edit tab at the top left of the page.

3. Enter your name and a 1 line description e.g. li (inside <>) Fred Bloggs Dogs body 1950 - 1970.

4. Click on Save.

5. You can also add names of colleagues or people who inspired you in the same way. You can then tell them and get them to do the same thing. Use this invitation letter

Invitation Letter1.pdf

just open it by clicking on it twice and download to your computer and then email it as an attachment to your colleagues.

6. If you wish to link this one line entry to a page on the wiki were you can provide more details modify this entry to look like this: li (inside <>) Fred Bloggs Dogs body 1950 - 1970 . Here Username is the name provided when you received your login information.

7. Click on Save.

One Page

1. Login to the wiki

2. Navigate to your one line entry (->People-> A to Z) and click on the link

3. You will get a message saying - Page not found do you want to create it it.

4. Click on the page title highlighted in red and this will create it.

5. Click on the edit tab at the top left of the page.

6. You can now add details about yourself and your career. An example can be found here User:FredB alias. You can copy this template (using copy and paste) or create your own document. Dont worry about making mistakes as they can be corrected later.

7. Click Save when you are done.

8. Excellent you have created your first wiki page!!!